Pakistan didn’t let Australia lead in the Test series


The Australian tour of Pakistan is one of the toughest-possible cricket matchups in recent years. Both teams are among the elite cricket nations in all aspects, and battles between them are promised to be nervous and tight. The latter element has been confirmed twice in the last weeks.

The second Test encounter finished in a dramatic draw between the sides. Although the hosts didn’t get well during the first innings and scored only 148 runs, their chances not to lose to Australia weren’t high at all.

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The situation became almost unreal after the guests scored 556 runs during their first attempt that opened the game. To finish the game and expect the victory, the second innings was short for Australia, where they added 97 runs for two wickets and expected a failure from Pakistani batters.

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However, the last innings of the game turned out to be a fight for prestige, and the Men in Green showed the public in Karachi that they were ready to try, at least. With Azam’s almost double-century and Rizwans ton, Pakistan scored 443 runs for 7 wickets and tied the game that couldn’t longer continue. With two draws in two Tests, the sides come to the final game with equal chances of grabbing the series, which makes the upcoming match even more interesting to follow. Was the post interesting? Want more sports news in India and stay up to date? Subscribe to our portal updates.


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