Manchester City defeats Real in a thrilling match


A penultimate stage in the Champions League started yesterday, where the English Manchester City and Spanish Real Madrid were playing in the first semifinal. The game was played at the City of Manchester arena.

That was a great game for fans and football viewers but hardly great for coaches. The teams scored seven goals in the encounter, with the Sky Blues winning 4:3 after all.

The hosts scored very early, just in the first minutes, when De Bruyne converted a cross from Mahrez. Gabriel Jesus also found his moment and used the mistake from Alaba to double the score. However, a nice cross from Mendy was used by Benzema, who made the score 2:1, which finalised the score in the first half.

The game scenario didn’t significantly change in the second half, so the Citizens were more active and dangerous in attacks, while Real was always able to respond. A good tackle from Fernandinho led to his cross from the right flank, which was easy for Foden to convert from a few metres. But the Whites once more showed their class and fought back, this time after the mistake by Fernandinho and Vinicius’ nice run with a good shot. Bernardo Silva returned a two-goal gap once again with a nice shot, but the penalty realised by Benzema finalised the score at 4:3.

Both Guardiola and Ancelotti can hardly be satisfied with such a result, taking into account the number of goals conceded. However, that is good for the intrigue in the response match, which will take place on May 4 in Madrid. Want to know more about football and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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