Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021: Participants, Standings & News (Updated)


The appeal of the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy as one of the top cricket events in India is linked to the huge number of teams attending. It is played annually among the participants of the Ranji Trophy, which means more than 30 teams qualify for the prestigious cup. is gladly covering all the needed elements of this cricket tournament: present teams, show their squads, explain chances, give insights and predictions, and cover the latest news related to the event and live scores.

Format of the Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021

The format of the regarded event is a combination of the group stage with play-offs. In 2021, there will be 38 participants that are divided into six groups (six teams in each and one group with 8 contestants). All the sextets will play in the round-robin system, and only the largest group’s participants won’t meet everyone, playing only 5 games each, according to the draw.

Then, all six teams that will place at the top of each group go to the quarterfinals. To make the list of the best eight teams, additional steps should be done. Thus, the second-place teams with the best net run rate will have the chance to compete for the gold medals.

Full Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021 schedule

The initial plan for the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021 was to start on October 20, as was said on the BCCI’s site on July 3rd. However, the obstacles related to corona caused many reschedules and delays. Thus, two top events, the IPL and T20 World Cup, were moved to autumn. Thus, the BCCI decided to move the start of the event to November.

Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021

According to the renewed schedule, the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy should start on November 4, with all teams starting the competition on the same day. Though, there will be 19 matches. With such a tight schedule, the teams have to play all five games in the group stage and come to play-off on November 9 as the last day of the first round. Then, there will be a play-off, but the attending teams are unknown at the moment.

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The full and detailed schedule of the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, with dates and participants, is shown in the table below:

Match no Match Date Match info (group/stage)
1 Maharashtra vs Tamil Nadu 4.11.2021 Elite, Group A
2 Puducherry vs Punjab 4.11.2021 Elite, Group A
3 Goa vs Odisha 4.11.2021 Elite, Group A
4 Bengal vs Chhattisgarh 4.11.2021 Elite Group B
5 Karnataka vs Mumbai 4.11.2021 Elite Group B
6 Baroda vs Services 4.11.2021 Elite Group B
7 Haryana vs Himachal Pradesh 4.11.2021 Elite Group C
8 Jharkhand vs Rajasthan 4.11.2021 Elite Group C
9 Andra vs Jammu & Kashmir 4.11.2021 Elite Group C
10 Assam vs Madhya Pradesh 4.11.2021 Elite, group D
11 Bihar vs Railways 4.11.2021 Elite, group D
12 Gujarat vs Kerala 4.11.2021 Elite, group D
13 Hyderabad vs Saurashtra 4.11.2021 Elite, Group E
14 Chandigarh vs Uttar Pradesh 4.11.2021 Elite, Group E
15 Delhi vs Uttarakhand 4.11.2021 Elite, Group E
16 Arunachal Pradesh vs Vidarbha 4.11.2021 Plate Group
17 Sikkim vs Tripura 4.11.2021 Plate Group
18 Manipur vs Nagaland 4.11.2021 Plate Group
19 Meghalaya vs Mizoram 4.11.2021 Plate Group
20 Punjab vs Maharashtra 5.11.2021 Elite, Group A
21 Odisha vs Tamil Nadu 5.11.2021 Elite, Group A
22 Goa vs Puducherry 5.11.2021 Elite, Group A
23 Chattisgarh vs Karnataka 5.11.2021 Elite, Group B
24 Baroda vs Bengal 5.11.2021 Elite, Group B
25 Mumbai vs Services 5.11.2021 Elite, Group B
26 Jammu & Kashmir vs Rajasthan 5.11.2021 Elite, Group C
27 Himachal Pradesh vs Jharkhand 5.11.2021 Elite, Group C
28 Andra vs Haryana 5.11.2021 Elite, Group C
29 Madhya Pradesh vs Railways 5.11.2021 Elite, Group D
30 Assam vs Gujarat 5.11.2021 Elite, Group D
31 Bihar vs Kerala 5.11.2021 Elite, Group D
32 Saurashtra vs Uttar Pradesh 5.11.2021 Elite, Group E
33 Hyderabad vs Uttarakhand 5.11.2021 Elite, Group E
34 Chandigarh vs Delhi 5.11.2021 Elite, Group E
35 Meghalaya vs Sikkim 5.11.2021 Plate Group
36 Nagaland vs Vidarbha 5.11.2021 Plate Group
37 Arunachal Pradesh vs Manipur 5.11.2021 Plate Group
38 Mizoram vs Tripura 5.11.2021 Plate Group
39 Goa vs Punjab 6.11.2021 Elite, Group A
40 Puducherry vs Tamil Nadu 6.11.2021 Elite, Group A
41 Odisha vs Maharashtra 6.11.2021 Elite, Group A
42 Karnataka vs Services 6.11.2021 Elite, Group B
43 Bengal vs Mumbai 6.11.2021 Elite, Group B
44 Baroda vs Chhattisgarh 6.11.2021 Elite, Group B
45 Haryana vs Jammu & Kashmir 6.11.2021 Elite, Group C
46 Andhra vs Jharkhand 6.11.2021 Elite, Group C
47 Himachal Pradesh vs Rajasthan 6.11.2021 Elite, Group C
48 Kerala vs Railways 6.11.2021 Elite, Group D
49 Assam vs Bihar 6.11.2021 Elite, Group D
50 Gujarat vs Madhya Pradesh 6.11.2021 Elite, Group D
51 Delhi vs Uttar Pradesh 6.11.2021 Elite, Group E
52 Chandigarh vs Hyderabad 6.11.2021 Elite, Group E
53 Saurashtra vs Uttarakhand 6.11.2021 Elite, Group E
54 Manipur vs Tripura 6.11.2021 Plate Group
55 Meghalaya vs Vidarbha 6.11.2021 Plate Group
56 Mizoram vs Nagaland 6.11.2021 Plate Group
57 Arunachal Pradesh vs Sikkim 6.11.2021 Plate Group
58 Goa vs Tamil Nadu 8.11.2021 Elite, Group A
59 Odisha vs Punjab 8.11.2021 Elite, Group A
60 Maharashtra vs Puducherry 8.11.2021 Elite, Group A
61 Bengal vs Services 8.11.2021 Elite, Group B
62 Baroda vs Karnataka 8.11.2021 Elite, Group B
63 Chhattisgarh vs Mumbai 8.11.2021 Elite, Group B
64 Jharkhand vs Haryana 8.11.2021 Elite, Group C
65 Himachal Pradesh vs Jammu & Kashmir 8.11.2021 Elite, Group C
66 Andhra vs Rajasthan 8.11.2021 Elite, Group C
67 Assam vs Kerala 8.11.2021 Elite, Group D
68 Gujarat vs Railways 8.11.2021 Elite, Group D
69 Bihar vs Madhya Pradesh 8.11.2021 Elite, Group D
70 Delhi vs Hyderabad 8.11.2021 Elite, Group E
71 Uttarakhand vs Uttar Pradesh 8.11.2021 Elite, Group E
72 Chandigarh vs Saurashtra 8.11.2021 Elite, Group E
73 Mizoram vs Sikkim 8.11.2021 Plate Group
74 Arunachal Pradesh vs Nagaland 8.11.2021 Plate Group
75 Meghalaya vs Tripura 8.11.2021 Plate Group
76 Manipur vs Vidarbha 8.11.2021 Plate Group
77 Odisha vs Puducherry 9.11.2021 Elite, Group A
78 Goa vs Maharashtra 9.11.2021 Elite, Group A
79 Punjab vs Tamil Nadu 9.11.2021 Elite, Group A
80 Baroda vs Mumbai 9.11.2021 Elite, Group B
81 Chattisgarh vs Services 9.11.2021 Elite, Group B
82 Bengal vs Karnataka 9.11.2021 Elite, Group B
83 Andra vs Himachal Pradesh 9.11.2021 Elite, Group C
84 Haryana vs Rajasthan 9.11.2021 Elite, Group C
85 Jammu & Kashmir vs Jharkhand 9.11.2021 Elite, Group C
86 Bihar vs Gujarat 9.11.2021 Elite, Group D
87 Kerala vs Madhya Pradesh 9.11.2021 Elite, Group D
88 Assam vs Railways 9.11.2021 Elite, Group D
89 Chandigarh vs Uttarakhand 9.11.2021 Elite, Group E
90 Delhi vs Saurashtra 9.11.2021 Elite, Group E
91 Hyderabad vs Uttar Pradesh 9.11.2021 Elite, Group E
92 Nagaland vs Tripura 9.11.2021 Plate Group
93 Manipur vs Mizoram 9.11.2021 Plate Group
94 Sikkim vs Vidarbha 9.11.2021 Plate Group
95 Arunachal Pradesh vs Meghalaya 9.11.2021 Plate Group
96 TBA vs TBA 16.11.2021 Preliminary Quarter Finals
97 TBA vs TBA 16.11.2021 Preliminary Quarter Finals
98 TBA vs TBA 16.11.2021 Preliminary Quarter Finals
99 TBA vs TBA 18.11.2021 1st Quarter Finals
100 TBA vs TBA 18.11.2021 2nd Quarter Finals
101 TBA vs TBA 18.11.2021 3rd Quarter Finals
102 TBA vs TBA 18.11.2021 4th Quarter Finals
103 TBA vs TBA 20.11.2021 1st Semi finals
104 TBA vs TBA 20.11.2021 2nd Semi finals
105 TBA vs TBA 22.10.2021 Finals

Recent Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021 points table (updated) by group

The group stage of the tournament ended, so all the group tables could be finalised. Now, all the play-off participants are known. To make it easier for perception, we’ve added achievements for all the teams after the end of the group stage, which are as follows:

  • Semifinal (first places of the Elite Groups)
  • Preliminary quarterfinal (second places of the Elite Groups and first place of the Plate Group)
  • Out (those who were sent packing after the group stage)

Elite Group A table (games, points, victories, standing):

Elite Group A
Place Team Achievement Wins Losses Points NRR
1 Tamil Nadu Semifinal 4 1 16 +0.564
2 Maharashtra Preliminary quarterfinal 4 1 16 +2.277
3 Punjab Out 3 2 12 +1.619
4 Goa Out 2 3 8 -1.368
5 Odisha Out 1 4 4 -0.957
6 Puducherry Out 1 4 4 -2.073

Elite Group B table (games, points, victories, standing):

Elite Group B
Place Team Achievement Wins Losses Points NRR
1 Bengal Semifinal 4 1 16 +0.995
2 Karnataka Preliminary quarterfinal 4 1 16 +0.379
3 Mumbai Out 3 2 12 +0.990
4 Chhattisgarh Out 2 3 8 -0.146
5 Baroda Out 1 4 4 -0.750
6 Services Out 1 4 4 -1.513

Elite Group C table (games, points, victories, standing):

Elite Group C
Place Team Achievement Wins Losses Points NRR
1 Rajasthan Semifinal 5 0 20 +1.242
2 Himachal Pradesh Preliminary quarterfinal 3 2 12 -0.260
3 Jharkhand Out 2 3 8 -0.137
4 Andhra Out 2 3 8 -0.156
5 Haryana Out 2 3 8 -0.315
6 Jammu & Kashmir Out 1 4 4 -0.360

Elite Group D table (games, points, victories, standing):

Elite Group D
Place Team Achievement Wins Losses Points NRR
1 Gujarat Semifinal 4 1 16 +1.109
2 Kerala Preliminary quarterfinal 3 2 12 +0.363
3 Madhya Pradesh Out 3 2 12 +1.147
4 Assam Out 2 3 8 -0.533
5 Railways Out 2 3 8 -0.654
6 Bihar Out 1 4 4 -1.370

Elite Group E table (games, points, victories, standing):

Elite Group E
Place Team Achievement Wins Losses Points NRR
1 Hyderabad Semifinal 5 0 20 +1.114
2 Saurashtra Preliminary quarterfinal 4 1 16 +0.511
3 Delhi Out 3 2 12 +0.982
4 Uttar Pradesh Out 2 3 8 -0.399
5 Chandigarh Out 1 4 4 -0.973
6 Uttarakhand Out 0 5 0 -1.244

Plate Group (games, points, victories, standing):

Plate Group
Place Team Achievement Wins Losses Points NRR
1 Vidarbha Preliminary quarterfinal 5 0 20 +4.967
2 Tripura Out 4 1 16 +2.151
3 Meghalaya Out 4 1 16 +1.131
4 Nagaland Out 3 2 12 +0.396
5 Sikkim Out 2 3 8 -1.427
6 Mizoram Out 1 4 4 -0.959
7 Manipur Out 1 4 4 -2.708
8 Arunachal Pradesh Out 0 5 0 -3.322

Favourites preview for Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021

Of course, the preview of the groups for the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy should start from defining the favourites of the tournament. The last draw of the competition has finished with the victory of Tamil Nadu, which represents the Elite Group A. As they were the runners-up of the previous tournament, they can be regarded as one of the strongest teams of the last few years and will definitely claim the trophy this time.

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Among the teams that require additional attention is Baroda. The representative of Elite Group B reached the final in the previous event. At the same time, they have a nice history in the Mushtaq Ali tournament, winning it two times, and taking silver medals twice.

Another historical contender for the whole competition is Karnataka. They are also representing group B, so they will definitely pretend for the play-off spot and compete with Baroda. Karnata was the only team who won two consecutive Syed Trophies in the seasons 18/19 and 19/20.

From the historical perspective, the most chances to win the Mushtaq Ali cup have representatives of the Elite Group B, which have 5 victories in total and two finals in addition. The closest historical contender is the Elite Group A, with 3 victories and six runner-up statuses. However, the tight schedule of the event will definitely bring a lot of unexpected results and the teams with better fitness will have more chances to win the trophy.

The list of Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy teams

We’ve grouped them into the common table to make it comfortable to look at all the teams simultaneously. Now you can easily find your favourite team or define which of the sextets is the toughest and attracts more attention. Also, it can help bettors who are seeking the most underrated clashes or matches with the best odds. As all the participants also form the list of Ranji Trophy, a lot of fans surely know the strong sides of major favourites and can use it in betting if sure enough.

Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021-2022 participants (by group)

Elite Group A Elite Group B Elite Group C Elite Group D Elite Group E Plate Group
Maharashtra Bengal Haryana Assam Hyderabad Arunachal Pradesh
Tamil Nadu Chhattisgarh Himachal Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Saurashtra Vidarbha
Puducherry Karnataka Jharkhand Bihar Chandigarh Sikkim
Punjab Mumbai Rajasthan Railways Uttar Pradesh Tripura
Goa Baroda Andra Gujarat Delhi Manipur
Odisha Services Jammu & Kashmir Kerala Uttarakhand Nagaland

Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021 squad by team

It’s not a problem to add full squads of the players or every team to this article. However, it will make it harder to read. At the same time, it’s hard to cover all the latest updates inside every squad and make comments about injuries or other issues.

So, we recommend checking the squads of every team on their official websites. That is the most reliable way to know the updates that can be important when making predictions and wagers. However, we’ll try to cover the most important changes, like the news about each team captain or top bowler/batter.

Where to find Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy live score?

Starting from November 4, there will be 19 matches for the next five days. We are now working to bring the live score hud to our website. However, it’s hard to predict if we can cover all the live scores of Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy matches.

In this regard, you can visit dedicated websites with live scores on cricket. They will surely cover Mushtaq Ali tournament results online. Nonetheless, we’ll try to come with all the needed information about the event and focus on the Syed Trophy in the cricket section.

History and facts of Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy

The considered competition was named after the famous Indian cricket player – Syed Mushtaq Ali. He was born in 1914 and became one of the most prominent players in the Indian history of cricket. He was part of the national team from 1934 and played the last game for India in 1952.

Interestingly, both the opening and final games were against the England cricket squad. Not surprisingly, this opponent became special for Mushtaq Ali. Thus, he was the first Indian cricketer to score more than a century runs during an overseas Test match. It was on the famous football stadium Old Trafford in Manchester in 1936.

Among the most notable characteristics of Syed Mushtaq Ali were his batting power. His strong right hand was often a nice option to start the match, so he was an opening batsman. At the same time, he was a left-hand bowler with a classic manner of throwing the ball. Not so successful in bowling, he, however, deserved the status of the all-rounder, especially during the test matches.


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