India grabs the first victory in South Africa, claiming 1st Test


India displayed enough passion and skill to defeat South Africa in their first Test matchup. The Men in Blue won the third day with a significant advantage, making a great gap for comfort victory. After all, the guests finished the game without any notable chances for the Proteas.

The guests secured their 327 runs after the first innings. South Africa scored only 197 runs in their first response. Although the guests scored not so much in the first attempt, the Indian bowlers showed that the Proteas batters wouldn’t show anything special in response.

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India scored just 174 runs in the second innings, which may doubt their success for the matchup. However, the South African response wasn’t crucial at all. By adding 113 runs in the second inning, India gave only 191 runs for the hosts.

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It led to the victory of visitors from India, which secured a 113 runs gap. That is a good start for the Men in Blue, while the Proteas should seriously prepare for the second Test. The next match will start soon, on January 3. Want to know more about sport news in India and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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