Sri Lanka overcame West Indies in the 2nd Test also


While the first Test between the sides finished with a pretty confident victory of the hosts, the second promised to be tighter.

And it was, especially after the first innings were played. Thus, the Lions scored only 204 runs and were sent to bowling in only two overs. At the same time, the Windies were able to deliver 253 runs and stayed on the pitch for 105 overs. The situation was close to critical for the hosts as they hit the second wicket only in the 59th over when the guests had 137 runs.

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However, a rapid finish of the first innings for the West Indies brought chances for Sri Lanka, and they did everything that was needed. The second batting approach ended with 345 runs and lasted 122 overs, showing the guests minimal chances to return.

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The whole game became a benefit performance for Sri Lanka’s bowlers Mendis (3 wickets in the 44h over solely!) and Embuldeniya, and better da Silva with 155 runs in the second innings alone. The guests should be disappointed with such a defeat, which was consistent and logical due to poor performance. Want to know more about sport and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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