Prediction for Australia – Sri Lanka


The game between the sixth and ninth teams in the world rankings will surely be an interesting game. Sri Lanka came through the additional group stage, where they smashed all the opponents. Australia had a more smooth preparation and enjoyed it as well.

The opening game for the Australian team was hard enough. They were not persuasive against South Africa, but let’s remember it was an opener. Instead, Sri Lanka continued their winning run against Bangladesh.

The winner of this pair joins England at the top of the group. It creates plenty of pressure for both sides, as the loser will get into a tough situation. At the moment, both sides look like the contenders for second place in the group, making this duel vital.

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When looking at the odds line for the game, 1.36 for Australia win seems too small to risk. At the same time, 3.2 for the victory of Sri Lanka looks somewhat great. Yes, the advantage is still on the Australian side, but they didn’t win T20 World Cup yet, while the Bees had already made it. Why not risk in this situation? Want to read more cricket predictions and don’t miss the attractive odds? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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