Forecast for Wolverhampton – Everton


We return to the English Premier League, and the final match of the round, which we think should play in favour of the guests.

The home team played well in the last meetings and had a positive balance of these games, and therefore we think you should not retreat from the position of ending the series and assume that the team will be defeated today. The same applies to Everton because the team, on the contrary, failed the last games and now clearly requires the rehabilitation of the result. And if we take into account the factor that face-to-face fights are still more for the guests, then under the current interruption of statistics, you can put the necessary foundation.

In general, the meeting of the teams in the middle of the table always presupposes the game of the average team, and therefore the victory of the guests does not look so unexpected.

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In addition, in the last games when Wolverapton did not lose, the team always scored, and therefore in this fight, it all comes down to the fact that Everton’s victory will be without conceded goals. But so far, we see no reason to place such a bet because of the large coefficient.

So the teams must show a decent game because the rivals are approximately the same, but the odds for the hosts are lower only at the expense of their own field. In this case, the guests have enough chances for the desired victory. The victory of Everton with a coefficient of 3.48 seems to be a nice pick. Want to read more football predictions and don’t miss the attractive odds? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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