England – Australia prediction


The clash between the leaders of group 1 is one of the most interesting matches from the historical context. After two games, both teams took four points and looked for the play-off spot.

England looks persuasive in their two matches. They smashed West Indies, giving them only 55 runs and demonstrating super bowling. The second game was longer and so easy, but Britons still were able to overcome Bangladesh’s 20 overs result in just 14 overs.

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Australia wasn’t so dominant in its games against South Africa and Sri Lanka. Bowling first, the Australian team left room for manoeuvring for their opponents. So, they used almost all their balls and overs to overcome SA in the close battle, while SL was beaten in 17 overs.

One has also to take into consideration the rankings of both teams. England is first and looks too dominant, while Australian 6th place also seems a pretty deserved position now. As this match gives an outstanding advantage for the winner, we consider the victory of England. Bookmakers offer pretty nice odds for it – about 1.6. Want to read more cricket predictions and don’t miss the attractive odds? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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