Champions League 2021/2022 group stage results


The recent UEFA Champions League group stage results were hampered by heavy snowfall in Bergamo. Atalanta and Villareal now have to wait and play their last match today, when the pitch will be ready. To go further from the second spot, Atalanta must win, while for Villareal, even a draw is acceptable.

At the moment, we know the names of the remaining participants in the UCL round of 16. Yesterday, football fans saw a few crucial matches, with Benfica, Lille and Salzburg booking their places for the spring clashes. But the most unexpected ones were the defeats of Barcelona and Sevilla, who now go to the Europa League. The 16 participants in the playoffs will now be split into seeded or unseeded teams. In the first knockout stage, squads from the same country and recent groups cannot compete against each other.

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The current list of seeded teams includes Manchester City (A), Liverpool (B), Ajax (C), Real Madrid (D), Bayern (E), Manchester United (F), Lille (G), and Juventus (H).

The non-seeded teams are Paris Saint-Germain (A), Atletico Madrid (B), Sporting Lisbon (C), Inter Milan (D), Benfica (E), Atalanta/Villareal (F), Salzburg (G), and Chelsea (H). Traditionally, the playoff draw will take place in Nyon on December 13. Want to know more about sport news and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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