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Matthaus: Alaba doesn’t have the Ramos mentality


Real Madrid defeated Rayo Vallecano 2-1 on Saturday. However, it was another appearance of the Kings this season, when they controlled the game for most of the game, and in the end, due to their carelessness in defense, led to a nerve.

According to Lotthar Matthaus, this is the result of the departure of Sergio Ramos.

  • Real Madrid defeated Rayo Vallecano 2-1 in the 13th round of La Liga
  • The kings were leading 2: 0 until the break, but in the end they gave themselves a contact goal
  • The weaker defensive stance, according to Lotthar Matthaus, is the result of the departure of Sergio Ramos.

Nerves at the request of Real Madrid

In the first half, Real Madrid ruled the Santiago Bernabeu . Until the break, Carlo Ancelotti were leading 2-0, and they could have been higher, if Karim Benzema had a better positioned crosshair. In the second installment, the Kings gave the field to their rivals, which almost ended tragically for them. This is another game this season in which Los Blancos are dominating most of the time, and still have to tremble for the final result. The recent clashes with FC Barcelona and Elche FC also had a similar course. Former German and Bayern Munich footballer Lotthar Matthaus believes it is the result of Sergio Ramos.

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You can’t move without Ramos

“Real without him has lost his personality ,” says the 150-time German international. Former Bayern player David Alaba has . The Austrian defender quickly found himself in his new surroundings, playing 15 of the 16 full-time matches for the Royalties. According to Matthaus, however, it is difficult to speak of a worthy replacement.

– Yes, Alaba is a great player, but he doesn’t have the same personality as Ramos. It is difficult to talk about him as a leader of Real – he said. Was the post interesting and informative? Do you want to receive football transfer news every day? Subscribe to News99India website updates now.


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