Prediction of the match Australia – South Africa


Well, what is the first game of the Cricket World Cup today, and this is a Group A game where Australia will play South Africa. Australia is the favorite in this game, and it is no surprise that they have won five ODI World Championships in 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2015, and in Twenty 20 so far only in the 2010 final.

also frequently won the prestigious Champions Trophy tournaments. The South African national team is probably the only team that did not win the trophy and they have many semi-finals, but they have not been able to compete for the trophy even once in the final. The team won the Champions Trophy, but that was a long time ago.

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Nevertheless, I think South Africa is in good shape for this tournament, all the leaders are in the ranks, and these are Henrik Klassen and Van der Dussen. In the test matches, they played excellently and won 5 victories in the last five games. The Australian national team in regalia is undoubtedly the leader, but not so long ago I follow this sport and personally have not seen them in action, and today, in fact, this will be my first viewing at 13-00 Moscow time. Australia with this coronavirus was completely closed, and the national team practically did not play.

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Perhaps such a team does not need all this fuss, but in the last control games they are not so good and not so long ago, or rather completely lost the series of the Bangladesh national team in August. Perhaps Australia will not have enough tone in this championship, or maybe the greats do not need it. Today we’ll take a look at these monsters in action. Was the post informative and helpful? Do you want to keep abreast of all football news? Subscribe to Football 24’s free cricket predictions updates and receive the latest football news every day.


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