New Zealand destroys Bangladesh in 2nd Test game


The hosts finally proved their strength after a stunning victory in the opening Test when Bangladesh defeated the Kiwis. Moreover, New Zealand only needed one inning against a dangerous opponent.

The home side brought crucial 521 runs in 129 overs and lost only five wickets. The bowlers also showed the power of the Kiwis and turned batting for Bangladesh into a tough task. The Bengal Tigers managed to score only 126 runs in the first and 278 runs in the second innings but still lacked 117 points.

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The fascinating scores were from Bangladeshi Das, who scored a century, while quite a similar result came from Conway for hosts. However, an opening batter Tom Latham was the real power and gained MVP, who was alive for 373 balls and scored 252 runs. Both sides can enjoy this Test format short encounter. Bangladesh is happy to be productive against a high-ranked opponent. On the contrary, New Zealand proved that it could defeat any rival if it had the needed attitude.


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