Manchester City and Liverpool played a draw in a probable EPL title match


In a situation where two really great teams can’t find a stronger one during the whole season, it is necessary to hold a face-to-face match between them as close as possible to the end of the draw in order to resolve all issues finally.

When Manchester City and Liverpool came out on the lawn of the Etihad Stadium in the 32nd round of the English Premier League, they had just that as their goal. All the failures and situational flaws were left behind because, in the reporting game, only one point of difference between the teams and their ability to win a crucial victory was important.

It has happened many times that the weight of responsibility for the result in a single meeting was so high that in the end, the hope for a bright game on the part of both teams was actually crushed. This story had nothing to do with what we had to watch last night because, in the fifth minute, an unexpected shot by de Bruyne from the entrance to the left flank of the penalty area allowed the Citizens to open the score in the game. It is certain that we will not rule out the factor of a significant ricochet from Matip’s leg, as well as a profitable ricochet from the far post.

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Liverpool did not get angry from such a quick manoeuvre of rivals, but in seven minutes, they scored in response. Many attempts to hang from the flanks to the penalty area made the guests, but in the end, it was a pass to the left of Robertson on Trent, who gave a pass for Jota and finally a goal. The teams did not stop in any way even after the sharp mutual start, so it was as if we were watching a classic tennis match with a high degree of intensity.

The Reds did not bet on possession of the ball on the opponents’ field that day. Klopp’s team tried to keep their opponents short and press in their own half of the field but still lost a lot of effort to maintain the required level of intensity. This factor will have it say a little later, at the beginning of the second half, but in the 37th minute, Liverpool missed the second time, which significantly complicated their task.

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Cancelo made a good cross to Jesus, who escaped an offside and sent the ball through Alisson from the crossbar. Another thing is to do it after a short pause, as happened at the moment with Mane’s goal immediately after the teams returned to the game. It was worth noting the positionally unsuccessful construction of the City’s disoriented defence during Salah’s pass from the right flank.

At that time, Liverpool pressed their opponents very hard, but in the end, it seemed that the defence of the Citizens at this pace might simply not be able to withstand. However, the Reds again did not throw all the cards on the table because, as noted earlier, physical strength left them with noticeable speed. We had to retreat to our own half, and when Klopp’s team starts defending, there can be very unpleasant failures in defence.

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In the end, this is what happened when Sterling scored after a counter-attack with a genius pass from De Bruyne. The questions were to the VAR team because they cancelled the goal. In fact, there were some reckless decisions from Anthony Taylor, but the teams decided not to turn a responsible game into continuous violence. However, they could not find out the winner until the end of the match, although Riyad Marez was extremely close to it twice.

In the next round, Manchester City will play at home against Brighton, and Liverpool at home will host Manchester United in an equally intriguing match. Want to know more about football and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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