India – New Zealand prediction


The start of the second group at the T20 World Cup looks pretty astonishing – the schedule brings the third top match. The second, third, and fourth teams of the global cricket ranking are playing at the beginning. However, only Pakistan, who is third in the ratings, was able to win both battles and left both New Zealand and India aside from taking the top spot in the group.

The defeat in this match will mean a lot of trouble for either side. Losing for the other two favourites of the second group can stop the further way to the cup, only hoping for the unexpected loss of the opponent. Yes, the issue of the personal meeting is of secondary importance during the T20 WC, but it is still a factor.

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Although both teams were in a tight clash against Pakistan, they didn’t show their maximum. Fans are hoping that their bowlers and batter will be more accurate and effective in the upcoming game. Bookies tend to consider India’s loss to Pakistan as an accident and believe in the star-filled team much more. New Zealand understands its underdog status for this game, but that is surely a team that can stop one of the major favourites of the whole tournament. Nonetheless, the victory of India for 1.45 is a nice chance to grab some extra cash. Want to read more cricket predictions and don’t miss the attractive odds? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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