India – Scotland cricket match prediction


The different intentions for participants accompany the regarded match. Thus, India is looking for the playoff spot after two defeats and an astonishing victory over Afghanistan. On the contrary, Scotland lost even theoretical chances of grabbing the ticket to the semifinals, so their only intention for the game is to prove dignity.

Considering that the Men in Blue is stronger and has a higher motivation, reviewing the bets like India’s win makes no sense due to small odds. For Indian cricket fans, the game between Afghanistan and New Zealand can be even of higher importance.

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The victory of the Afghanistani squad will give the Blues more options to influence their further way on the tournament. At the moment, the most intriguing seems to be the variant with three teams (India, New Zealand, and Afghanistan) to have six points and the run-rate rule to come to the rescue.

In this regard, the Indian team should look for the best possible result in the match with Scotland. Total runs over can be a done deal if the Blues will start the game batting. Want to read more cricket predictions and don’t miss the attractive odds? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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