Forecast for England – Sri Lanka


Well, today there is only one game in the Cricket World Cup and by far the best team of this tournament, the England national team, will hold their fourth meeting. They will be opposed by the Sri Lanka national team, and in this game, for England, they naturally give a penny, so we choose total over, and we think that the teams have good prospects to break through it.

The England national team is still lucky in this tournament in the sense that they always win the toss, and in all three cases, they beat the second. Naturally, it is easy to build tactics when you know the result of your opponent, and there you understand whether it is worth taking the risk at the beginning or it is better to enter the game and only then build up the game.

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Perhaps the theory of probability today will swing towards Sri Lanka, and England will start. As a rule, the first kicking team tries to score as much as possible, and the total depends to a greater extent on the first team. Of course, England will gain 138 points, but if they start first, then it is worth waiting around 180, but if England plays second again, then, of course, problems may arise.

Sri Lanka, nevertheless, in the last three games broke through its total of 138 points, and we think that here, despite a tough opponent, it is able to cope with it. The British are already in the playoffs, and we think in the next games, we should expect relief on their part.

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Sri Lanka lost a lot of energy and emotion in the last game, where they played the entire game against South Africa and missed 28 runs in the last two overs, and it was a shock. In South Africa, before the final 12 throws, they gave in the area of ​​6.5, but they knocked out 3 to 6, and it was an incredible denouement. Nevertheless, it is clear that Sri Lanka is a stubborn team and should not fall apart. Want to read more cricket predictions and don’t miss the attractive odds? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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