Forecast for Andy Murray – Viktor Durasovic


Andy Murray plays well now and even understands that he can’t go back to the top; he continues to play and fight. Andy is 144th in the world, and this is a big problem for him; the problem is not even how low he is, but that this rating almost automatically throws him at the top at once.

If he had been seeded higher, he would have played against the top 10 much less often in the second round. Despite all this, it is difficult to remember many matches when Andy played without any chances, most often, it is a persistent struggle, and Andy tries even when it does not work. But still, Andy wins over powerful and strong opponents, beating Gurkach, who is tenth in the world, and other strong opponents in recent months.

All this to the fact that Andy’s tennis level shows good, often bad luck with the net. There were very few easy matches. The last time he played against an opponent below him in Rennes, in the match against Madden, he won confidently and gave only four games.

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As for Victor, if you are 24 years old and you are in the middle of the fourth hundred rankings, then it is unlikely that he is an incredibly talented tennis player. It’s hard to rise strongly when you rarely face challengers, which does not allow him to increase a rating. However, he is here in the main part, has qualified and beat Gabashvili, who is not the easiest opponent. He also has overcome Maceiras, who is 36 years old.

Murray shows a strong, good game; his opponent is not even a player of the level of the challengers. In all respects, Andy is stronger than his opponent, and we take the individual total on him and wait for a confident victory. He has to hold this game confidently and in each set to take two in a row. Thus, there should be no more than 12 games for Andy himself. Want to read more tennis predictions and don’t miss the attractive odds? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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