FIFA and UEFA may open a transfer window for those wishing to leave Russian clubs


The International Football Federation and the European Football Union will consider opening a transfer window for those players who want to leave Russia and Ukraine, according to The Guardian.

Poland was the first to raise this issue, as some Polish players playing in Russia are stopped from leaving only by the inability to play until the summer. The European Football Union is discussing the possibility of allowing transfers outside the transfer window, but does not confirm this. By the way, if you were looking for football betting sites in India, we recommend that you follow the link provided.

“I’ve been on the phone for 48 hours trying to find a solution,” said UEFA President Alexander Cheferin for the influential British publication. “I am approached by players and coaches who do not want or cannot stay in the combat zone.” “We are trying to do everything we can to stop this nonsense. I hope that football has an impact on the world and will help solve the problem. I can assure you that in the current circumstances there is no chance to lift the sanctions against the aggressor.” Want more sports news in India and stay up to date? Subscribe to our portal updates.


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