A Record ₹8 Million Accumulator Turned a Winner into Millionaire


There is still no gadget that can measure luck. But if it was, it surely would break down when applied in this case. The citizen of Nagpur, Rahim Bajaj, won an astonishing 8 million rupees at Bons. As the IndiaTVnews informs, his 19-event accumulator was surgically precise and turned 1500 INR into an incredible sum that will change the lives of all his family.

Rahim Bajaj is 26 and he works at the local orange farm in his native Nagpur. Although his fam

ily isn’t very poor, they need to save money for years to buy a cheap car. After winning an astonishing sum, Rahim thinks about buying a bigger family car and wants to organise a short vacation to the seaside or ocean.

“All the family is dreaming about the trip to South India and a week of rest, and finally I can realise this idea. I can’t believe that two dreams come true in a moment,” says Rahim.

Nagpur’s lucky guy has loved cricket from early childhood. He supports local teams in the Indian competitions, while the national squad is of special interest and attention. After he helped his friends to win money with precise predictions a few times in a row, Rahim decided to try it himself.

“Of course, I have had plenty of unfortunate outcomes since betting on cricket. However, it has never been a problem or disaster for me, as I perceive wagering as an extra option to make some money if the prediction is precise. Simple calculations show that accumulators are a much more reasonable and possible variant compared to lotteries, for example,” the lucky guy explains. 

His winning combination came from 19 events, and a 1500 rupees bet. The accumulator’s coefficient was 2801.64, but an interesting option at Bons bookmaker increased the overall sum by 90%. Rahim knew that option, which almost doubled the total win, which amounted to 7 984 665 rupees.


Rahim Bajaj was preparing his wager for a couple of days and chose 19 events, including international Test clashes between Indian and New Zealand. “I also found attractive options in the Abu Dhabi T10 League, where two games every day are played. The highest odds in the accumulator was 2.33, corresponding to the victory of Namibia in the first clash against Oman. Hopefully, I chose the first game between the sides as Oman outplayed Namibia in the second match. That is what luck looks like,” concluded Rahim Bajaj.

The bettor was also asked about the tips and tricks he uses to win in cricket.

“Actually, there are no specific tricks. Accumulators are risky but not so hopeless as lotteries. Especially if the bookmaker offers an additional accumulator booster, as Bons suggests. Moreover, it was a pretty joyful experience to turn their 200% welcome bonus into real money and withdraw almost 8 million. Astonishing!”


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